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Think Dynamics

User Interface Evaluation
Web Application Design with DHTML - JavaScript & CSS

Think Dynamics, recently purchased by IBM, is a leader in data center automation and software for just-in-time provisioning of servers. Due to the complexity of the system, it was often difficult to explain the benefits of the software to prospective customers.

Think Dynamics brought me in to pinpoint areas for improvement. For such a complex system this was a challenging assignment. Through a series of interviews with sales team, developers and potential end users it became clear that the benefits of the software were not apparent to high level purchasers, while technical end users who would need to use the system were frustrated with speed issues.

After delivering a detailed usability evaluation, Think Dynamics then hired me to address many of the issues raised. The result was a modified user interface which included a portal style overview of system resources and improved layout. Another major improvement was the increased use of Javascript and DHTML to improve navigation and reduce the time spent going back and forth to the server to redisplay information.

The power functionality of the new interface cut the frustration for end users, and made it easier for organizations to understand the value of Think Control. Think Dynamics was later purchased by IBM, and integrated into their Tivoli product set.

Screenshots of Think Control