Swim Support, Sailing Tours, Small Boat Expeditions

I'm a USCG licensed captain with 15 years experience on San Francisco Bay. I provide boat support for swims and on the water events, plus some sailing tours too.  Let me help you with your local water based adventures.

Let's Get You On The Water!

Swimmers prepare to Jump

Swim Piloting

As an experienced open-water swimmer, with extensive experience of SF Bay currents, I organize and pilot custom open-water swims..

Boat Support

From swim events to sailboat races, rowing and paddling regattas, and even whale entanglement response, I can provide on the water support and safety with the 18' RIB, Arias
Sailing on Pip

Sailing Tours

Vising San Francisco? Want a personalized introduction to sailing on the Bay? I enjoy taking people out on my 22' sailboat Pip. All proceeds go to ocean conservation causes.
Nightswim the Golden Gate

Custom Adventures

Spearfishing, Whale watching, Scuba Diving. Arias is available to be trailered up and down the coast for custom on the water adventures.

Tomales Bay Swim

By James Dilworth | June 1, 2021

Tomales Bay is a long narrow bay about an hour’s drive from San Francisco by Point Reyes National Seashore. In the summer months, the water in the lower reaches of the Bay can become downright pleasant, and sometimes it feels like you can swim and swim and swim! We found a day with a good…

Swimming in San Francisco Bay…

By James Dilworth | December 14, 2012

I used to marvel at people who’d go swimming in the Bay in the middle of the winter. Swimming with nothing but a swimsuit. I used to think they were crazy; now I’m crazy too.