Boat Support, Sailing Tours, RIB Expeditions

USCG licensed captain with 15 years experience on San Francisco Bay. I provide boat support for swims and events, and sailing tours.  Let me help you with your local water based adventures.

Let's Get You On The Water!

Swimmers prepare to Jump

Swim the Bay

Do your own 'escape from Alcatraz' or swim the Golden Gate? I can shuttle you out and back and provide safety co-ordination while you're in the water.

Boat Support

From group swims to sailboat races, rowing and paddling regattas, and even whale entanglement response, I provide on the water support and safety with the 18' RIB, Arias
Sailing on Pip

Sailing Tours

Vising San Francisco? Want a personalized introduction to sailing on the Bay? Let me take you out on the water on my 22' sailboat Pip. All proceeds go to ocean conservation causes.
Nightswim the Golden Gate

Custom Adventures

Spearfishing, Whale watching, Scuba Diving. Arias is available to be trailered up and down the coast for custom on the water adventures.

Sailing the Philippines on Flash

By James Dilworth | June 8, 2019

Stories from when I bought a ‘paraw’ – a traditional outrigger sailing boat, and explored some of the most beautiful places on earth with friends.

Channel Islands by Beach Cat

By James Dilworth | November 6, 2015

The California Channel Islands lie 30 miles south of Santa Barbara. There are four islands, of which Santa Cruz island is probably the most accessible and interesting. I’d read a few posts on forums about people who had sailed over on beach-cats many years ago; otherwise there was precious little evidence of this being a…

Swimming in San Francisco Bay…

By James Dilworth | December 14, 2012

I used to marvel at people who’d go swimming in the Bay in the middle of the winter. Swimming with nothing but a swimsuit. I used to think they were crazy; now I’m crazy too.

Singlehanding around the Farallones in a Santana 22

By James Dilworth | September 4, 2012

Yesterday, I finally knocked off a long standing goal of sailing around the Farallon Islands in a boat I built myself. – Well, kind of, Pip was a re-build, and I motored for a good chunk of the journey, but still, I’m feeling pretty content today! It turned out to be a fairly uneventful day.…

Catamaran Sailing in Baja

By James Dilworth | March 29, 2009

In mid-December, I received an email from my friend Jonathan asking me if I was interested in doing some travelling in the New Year. His email was timely, as I had been pondering the idea of taking my boat down to Mexico and doing some sailing. And so I asked if he would he like…