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Time Breakdown

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Looking back, I find it hard to believe, (not to mention embarrassing) that it has taken as long as it has to build this boat! - I think many of my friends are expecting this boat to be a 60ft luxury yacht! James Wharram quotes 250 hours for construction, I blew straight past that!

Am I a slow worker? - Probably... although I like to think careful is a better word. As a relative newcomer to epoxies and glueing, the glue and fiberglass work took me a disproportionatly large amount of time. A lot of time was also spent understanding exactly what was needed... this has kept the mistakes down to a minimum... but not zero ;)

My woodwork skills are probably better than average and here I was able to churn out good work at a fast pace. I could have cut much more time off still, had I had been less demanding of quality.

Resawing Lumber - 44hours

  • Doug Fir (Mast, X-beams, Stringers, etc.. 29hrs
  • Hardwood Pieces - 15hrs
Hull Construction
  • Preparing Hullsides (Cutting Out Plywood, Coating with Epoxy, Buttblox, Lashing Pads) - 62 hrs
  • Fastening Hulls Together & Insertion of Bulkheads, Diagonals - 32 hrs
  • Filleting of Hulls (Lining up, filleting) - 18hrs
  • Finishing Inside of Hulls (Fiberglass Strip & Paint) - 17hrs
  • Cockpit Floors (Coating, Attaching Stringers, Drainhole, Fitting, Fastening, Filleting) - 18.5hrs
  • Decks (Cutting Out, Coating, Fitting, Stringers, Fastening, Shaping) - 21hrs
  • Cockpit Sides & Tops (Coating, Stringers, Fitting, Fastening, Shaping) - 18hrs
  • Fiberglassing of Hulls (Cleaning Hulls, Removing Wire, Sanding, Outer Keel Fillet, Fair Decks, Fillet, Keel Strip, Glass, Sand, Coat, Sand, Fill) - 62hrs
  • Cockpit Coamings - 15 hrs
  • Painting & Varnishing - 35 hrs
  • Rudder (Cut Out and Fair, Lash to Hull) - 7hrs
  • Tillers (Shape Inside Pieces, Glue, Finish, Tiller Bar,Varnish) - 12hrs
  • Cross-Beam Construction (Cut & Glue Ply, Shape Beams, Compression Struts, Fasten Beams, Fillets, Finishing - 26hrs
  • Crossbeam Attachments (Locating Blox, Locating Pads, Cleats, Lashing Pads, Fitting) - 38hrs
  • Cockpit Covers (Cutting Material, Sewing, Battens) - 15hrs
  • Mast (Prep Pieces, Glue Together, Hole for Sheaves & Foot, Rounding, Attachments) - 36 hrs
  • Sprit (Prep & Glue Together, Shape, Varnish, Snotters) - 11hrs
  • Sail (Design, Loft, Broadseaming, Sewing, Finishing) - 25hrs
  • Trampoline - 17hrs
  • Standing Rigging - 5hrs
  • Running Rigging - 5hrs
Total Hours = 539hrs