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Tomales Bay Swim

Tomales Bay is a long narrow bay about an hour’s drive from San Francisco by Point Reyes National Seashore. In the summer months, the water in the lower reaches of the Bay can become downright pleasant, and sometimes it feels like you can swim and swim and swim!

We found a day with a good ebb, and Dirk, Tatiana and Kaitlin set off from Hearts Desire Beach to swim the nine miles to the opening. Along the way friends jumped in and joined them and we used Arias as our base support boat.

Pretty awesome swim. After we’d all recovered and had lunch at the beach, we found a few humpback whales at the opening.

Later on in the afternoon, on the way back to the trailer, I passed a swarm of jellyfish further down in the Bay. Thousands and thousands of jellyfish. I don’t know how we didn’t swim through them. They didn’t seem to sting though, and they were just incredibly beautiful!

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