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Point Bonita to China Beach

This is just an incredibly tricky swim. Point Bonita on the Marin shoreline to the San Francisco side. Distance is only 3.5 miles. It’s difficult to because it’s exposed to the ocean, it crosses the main shipping channel in and out of the Bay, and it’s hard to escape the cross push of the currents that run perpendicular to the route.

But Sarah and the DFS crew were determined and we spent a bunch of time looking for the right window when the weather was benign and the currents were mild. It came on October 1, 2021 for a lovely afternoon swim!

Even though this was one of the nicest days of the year, there was still a fair amount of swell and a few of the team succumbed to seasickness along the way.

Dave was slapped by a wave and inhaled some water into his lungs. This set off coughing fits which he was unable to shake, and we had to pull him. It took a couple days for him to recover. Eek.

But the rest of the team persisted, and two hours later made it all the way to China Beach! Route was spot on what we were looking for with a straight route across the channel and then a push into China Beach with the beginning of the flood.


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