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Design Sprints: A Quicker Way to Create Requirements?

Design Sprint - Storyboarding

I came across the Design Sprint concept recently as I licked my wounds after a particularly difficult web/app development project.

I’d tried to modernize a core product offering for a friend’s business. Their needs seemed fairly obvious. The existing system …

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How to Work from the Beach

Before I can explain how you too can work from a remote beach at the end of the world, let’s start with some general ‘work from home’ guidance.

In most modern companies you’ll find people in a variety of roles …

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Need another battery for your Mac? Try this

Ok, so here’s the problem. My laptop lasts for 2 hours, maybe three at the most, if I’m lucky. Sometimes you’re on a long flight and you want to get more work done. You need another battery (or a seat …

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Four tips for a good Startup Weekend

Over the last year, I’ve done three “Startup Weekends.” – The idea is to propose ideas, form a team, and then try and create a minimally viable business over the course of a weekend. It’s educational, it’s fun, and in …

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