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A New Lease of Life for Mo-B

In 2015, the Dolphin Club received a donation of a wonderful little wooden boat, the Mo-B. I had often seen it being rowed along the Sausalito waterfront, and I’d long admired the boat’s grace. I haven’t been able to …

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Sailing California’s Channel Islands

A similar version of this story was first published in December 2019 edition of Latitude38

It’s a magical time of year on California’s Pacific coast. The pelicans are heading south, the nights are becoming colder, and sailboats start to head …

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How to Climb Mt. Iraya

At 3300ft (1000+m) above sea level, Mt.Iraya is an imposing, recently-active volcano, that is sadly shrouded in cloud most of the time from the moist sea air. We visited in late-April, and despite never seeing the summit all week, we …

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Kayaking & Spearfishing off Big Sur

Kayaking the Big Sur Coast

The Big Sur Coast is possibly one of the most rugged and scenic coastlines in the world. Highway 1 which winds its way above steep cliffs provide some amazing views. But if you’re an ocean lover, well the best way …

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Channel Islands by Beach Cat

The California Channel Islands lie 30 miles south of Santa Barbara. There are four islands, of which Santa Cruz island is probably the most accessible and interesting. I’d read a few posts on forums about people who had sailed over …

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Tips for driving into Mexico

Watching the news, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Mexico is the new Colombia : drug gangs ruling the streets; crooked cops looking for la mordida; armed robbers lying in wait for the first hapless tourists.

The state department has …

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Cycling Mexico’s Copper Canyons

Cycling Copper Canyon

In late 2011, we made a little road trip down Mexico’s Pacific Coast. On the way are the Copper Canyon’s, a series of deep gorges that cut through the Sierra Madre.

We ditched the car for five days and cycled …

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