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A New Lease of Life for Mo-B

In 2015, the Dolphin Club received a donation of a wonderful little wooden boat, the Mo-B. I had often seen it being rowed along the Sausalito waterfront, and I’d long admired the boat’s grace. I haven’t been able to …

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Point Bonita to China Beach

This is just an incredibly tricky swim. Point Bonita on the Marin shoreline to the San Francisco side. Distance is only 3.5 miles. It’s difficult to because it’s exposed to the ocean, it crosses the main shipping channel in and …

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Angel Island Row, Camp ‘n Swim

A fun swim with some of my fellow Dolphin Club members. Cyrus, Steve and Kaitlin decided to swim around Angel Island before breakfast. Distance 5 miles. Timed to catch the last of the ebb and the beginning of the flood!…

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Oakland to SF (and Back again!)

So Jari is a machine in the water. Rumor has it he was on the Finnish national team. No-one’s going to question that. So we’re looking at the Dolphin Club record board, and something crops up. The women hold all …

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Tomales Bay Swim

Tomales Bay is a long narrow bay about an hour’s drive from San Francisco by Point Reyes National Seashore. In the summer months, the water in the lower reaches of the Bay can become downright pleasant, and sometimes it feels …

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More than just Golf, Courses!

Let me first tip my hat to the Presidio Trust. While authorities across the region have been restricting access to parks during the Coronavirus, the Presidio Trust, who operate the Presidio Golf Course, quietly made the whole course available for …

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Design Sprints: A Quicker Way to Create Requirements?

Design Sprint - Storyboarding

I came across the Design Sprint concept recently as I licked my wounds after a particularly difficult web/app development project.

I’d tried to modernize a core product offering for a friend’s business. Their needs seemed fairly obvious. The existing system …

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How to Work from the Beach

Before I can explain how you too can work from a remote beach at the end of the world, let’s start with some general ‘work from home’ guidance.

In most modern companies you’ll find people in a variety of roles …

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