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Wrigley Candystand

User Interface Design & Prototyping,
HTML, CSS, Javascript & YUI Toolkits

Wrigley's Candystand is an online gaming site that builds brand awareness for Wrigley products. It hosts over a hundred flash based video games, and they run numerous tournaments, sweepstakes, and competitions to create an engaging experience for customers. It's a great way to waste time!

As the site has grown, so have the complexities for management. With an internationalization and localization initiative planned for 2008, things were only going to get worse.

I redesigned the user-interface. This meant designing a system which would be easier to learn, more efficient to use, and more fool-proof to prevent mistakes. The project lasted approximately three months, and in that time we made massive strides in improving usability.

Wrigley Candystand Screenshots