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Until next year….

We arrived in Coron with a great deal of anticipation. We had expected this to be the mid-way point on our journey, but it turned out to be the end. We all had jobs to return to; we all wished there was more time.

Coron is a fairly grotty town surrounded by some amazing landscapes. The town isn’t somewhere you’d choose to stay, so we found the Discovery Island Resort a short boat trip away…. which was perfect since we had a boat.

Getting out of Coron was to prove to be a logistical challenge. All flights were booked, and we needed to get to Manilla before Sunday. So we found ourselves booking a cabin on a 14 hour ferry to Puerto Princessa where we were able to get a connecting flight to Manila.

We bought ourselves a nice anchor at the welding shop

The folks at the Discovery Island resort were kind enough to offer to keep an eye on the boat. We went out and bought a huge anchor, some chain and lots of line, then stripped the boat for an extended period at anchor.


It was sad to put the boat to bed. Three weeks had gone by far too fast. When we subsume our lives to our careers and building wealth, we forget we’re also giving up our freedom and the time to enjoy our lives. Two or three weeks of vacation a year is not enough. Living life in an office is not enough either.

I feel this trip has re-opened my eyes. I’m incredibly fortunate to live my life in San Francisco, but I’m reminded that there is a world out there that is spinning and living in interesting and fascinating ways too.

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