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Swim: Marin Headlands

Black Sands Beach under the Golden Gate Bridge and to Horseshoe Cove. Beautiful!

We were initially planning to swim from Fort Point to Aquatic Park, but gusty north winds were making the original plan look unwise and unfun. But flexibility is key to having fun when swimming, and there’s almost always a good alternative plan. For this day, we headed for the shore of the Marin headlands, which turned into a super fun and photogenic swim.

While cross channel swims look impressive on the resume, the coastal swims typically offer more scenery and a sense of familiarity. We had pelicans and seals visit us along the way, and rapids to cross by the Golden Gate bridge.

The group ended up swimming 2.25 miles in an hour and twenty. There was some current assist for the first half, but they had to work against a back eddy for the second half. Everyone earned their breakfast!

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