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Camping on Calachuchi

We spent our last evening on a beautiful beach across the water from Coron. Our arrival was testament to our improved teamwork, and experience passing over reefs before the beach: Oliver at the helm, a slow approach, myself up forward keeping an eye for the deepest entrance, JT with poles at the ready, and everyone else ready with paddles and ready to slip into the water to lighten the boat if the water was too shallow.

We were now close to a well known tourist destination, and the enterprising youths who guarded the beach were eager to negotiate for an overnight fee. In the end, we paid them a third of what they wanted, but they still got a good deal. They left as the sun set and we found ourselves with an idyllic beach facing the cliffs of Coron island

Calachuchi Sunset

Megan and Marissa cooked up an enterprising dinner of random foods and vegetables.


A rat ran past our feet every 15 minutes to entertain us. At one point Megan retreated with a mug of rum to catch up with her journal. After 10 minutes there was a shriek; apparently the rat was drinking the rum. Later that night, the rat stumbled home through the pots and pans out on the table. I slept through it all.

Calachuchi beach is a popular day trip for tourists in Coron. It was notable how clean it was, but it turns out that was a sham. The next morning, we discovered the garbage dump and a mountain of poop on the other side of the beach. The caretakers of the beach do a good job of cleaning up the garbage, and then throwing it to the back side where it can get washed away back into the ocean; a little sad really.

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