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I just bought another boat…

The big question for today is what to name our new boat!

That’s right, We will soon be the proud owner of a class-A Paraw.

The logistical challenge of getting the boats back from Palawan was making rental a difficult problem. Palawan is downwind and getting there is easy. But getting back is hard. All the people involved and the logistics was making a rental solution more expensive than buying the boat. This way, we’ll have a lot more independence, but also responsibility.

I met up with Jeepy’s brother in law (Ryan) this morning on the beach in Sambiray and I agreed to his boat for P120,000 (that’s about $3000) – I suspect I could have got it for less if I had bargained more, but I don’t think we’re too far out of ballpark, and they’re going to do a bunch of extra work to make the boat seaworthy for the crossing. I made the deal on video with about 10 others hanging out and watching and offering advice.

Ryan’s friend is also a commandant in the coastguard, so this might be a good connection too.

I gave them a downpayment today of about P30,000 to repaint the boat, and start preparing it for the trip. We’re going to strengthen the buc-buc’s, replace the outriggers, run some outer nets and various other stuff. We’ll be getting two sets of sails (one smaller, one larger) and four paddles in case the wind dies. The remainder of the payment will be due when the team arrives and we take possession.

There’s going to be a bit of a time-squeeze as everyone is down for the big race in Iloilo on Sunday, and our sails and netting are also down there being used on one of the race boats. So prep for the boat will be ongoing Monday once the team arrives.

I’m still planning to hire one of the local sailors to come along with us for at least the first leg of the journey to help us along and teach us to fish… literally. I have one guy in mind, but I’ll be sailing with them all this weekend, so I’ll get to know them all better and see how it shapes up.

So, game is on. What shall we name the boat?

Oh, and now we have to figure out what we’ll do with our boat at the other end 😉

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