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I came looking for a boat, I found friends!

I came here last week looking for a boat and not knowing anyone. I managed to find a boat, but what I didn’t expect to find was so many warm and generous people willing to give their time and energy to making this trip possible.

In particular Evelyn Tolinero and Chris Lejeune have shared countless hours of their time with me to provide advice and guidance. And yesterday, Evelyn treated us a home cooked lunch at her father’s place. It was a real honor to be taken care of so well. They run Boracay Sailing, and offer Paraw rides to visitors around Boracay and to nearby islands.

Jeepy intercepted me on the beach on the first morning a friendly shout of “You want to go sailing sir?” – Little did he know what he was getting himself into 🙂

James & Jeepy

Huge thanks to Ryan, who took me down to Iloilo, introduced me to the coastguard and has really made this whole thing come together.

Ryan & Kim

We all had dinner last night… great!


I would write more…. but must dash to continue prep.

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