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Goodbye Janszen, Hello Flash

Boat prep is coming along. It’s had a fresh lick of paint in the last 24 hours.

I met the name-painter this morning, so we had to make a quick decision on the name. The team has been feeding ideas in by email while we nail down the last minute purchases we’ll need to make from the US. ‘Coconut’ was quickly thrown out, but ‘Spirit’ has had a couple thumbs up, as has green ‘Flash’

The boat is currently called ‘Janszen’ the name of Ryan’s son. So I felt it was only fair that Janszen decide the name… he chose ‘Flash’

The sign painter got to work, and then Ryan zipped me over to meet the commandant of the Aklan coastguard substation. He vetted the plan and gave it his nod of approval. The Blaze of Glory video impressed him, and he gave me a list of all the coastguard stations and their numbers along the way. It’s good to know we’ll have folks watching out for us.

Visiting the CG

I am now finally on my way to Iloilo with Ryan and his family. The first of the big races are tomorrow.

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